Alexis Gideon - Video Musics II: Sun Wu-Kong | 10.26.11Open Lot is a community of artists, designers, and innovators with dedicated spaces in Saint Louis and Nashville. Both spaces serve as a collaborative studio, venue, and exhibition space.

As an exhibition space and venue, we showcase compelling contemporary work that is underrepresented in Nashville and Saint Louis. By featuring a diverse cross-section of work, Open Lot simultaneously embraces individual specialization and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Open Lot fosters interdisciplinary collaboration as a studio. We are looking for participants with interest in the arts, communication, and invention of any kind. Open Lot members represent a variety of backgrounds, like architecture, sound engineering, journalism, photography, painting, sculpture, fabrication, and printmaking, just to name a few. By sharing the insights, theories, and techniques of their respective disciplines, studio members gain broader understanding and amass artistic and intellectual tools.